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Included with your Cary long distance movers services:

  • Cary Movers pride ourselves on providing Prompt and Enjoyable Service.
  • Get in touch with our company for a Free On the Phone or On – Site Quotes.
  • Cary Movers offer Competitive Rates.
  • Cary long distance movers have Trained Full Time Movers.
  • Company owned Trailers.
  • We start at your pick up and finish at your delivery.
  • Loading your items and unlaoding them at delivery.
  • We will dismantle items as needed and reassemble them at your delivery.
  • Cary Movers provide blanket wrapping of all your furnishings.
  • Labeling by a inventory list.
  • Storing of furnishing up to 30 days included with your move (if desired).
  • Your price includes all tolls and miles.
  • We do not have a added cost for overtime, weekends or nights.
  • We include basic indemnity coverage for all moves.
  • Additional indemnity is offered with Cary long distance movers.


The cost of your Cary long distance movers is usually figured by the following elements:

  • The sum heaviness of your shipment and the real distance you are moving your property.
  • The amount of extra moving requirements, such as packing and unpacking your possessions.
  • Your option of additional insurance coverage for your individual items.
  • The need for moving storage in transportation as you are getting settled in your new destination.
  • Extra charges beyond the normal loading and unloading, which might incorporate circumstances that keep the entrance of the trailer away from the door of your old or new residence, for example a stairs, a lift, excessive long carry which is the requirement to use a small vehicle, etc.
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Hi Karen, Due to you and your removal staff for a seamless and useful move. Regards....
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